saltillo tile


When Installed Leave clean of dirt and grout smears. 7-14 day dry out period before final application of sealer.
When Sealed 24 hr. cure time before surface should get wet.
Daily, or as needed Sweep
Weekly Hose down, if desired & sweep off water
Quarterly Mop with PH neutral cleaner and water
Variable wear according to exterior conditions When the sealer begins to look splotchy after an unspecific amount of time depending on the many exterior conditions, the tile should be thoroughly cleaned with our Tile and Porcelain Cleaner, rinsed with cool, clear water and then another even coat of the same sealer applied. This will rejuvenate the old sealer, and reseal the pores of the tile. No stripping required. Always wipe off excess sealer after 5 minutes with rags.
Semi-Annually OR Annually White mineral haze (efflorescence) may appear after a cold and/or rainy season. Mop on a dilution of our Tile Treat, scrub and rinse thoroughly. Reseal if necessary especially in higher elevation at least by every October.
  • All cleaners should be PH7, do not use ammonia, vinegar or harsh scrubs, as they may damage the finish
  • Furniture should have white nylon or felt ends on all legs or casters
  • Sealers and cleaners sold at grocery stores are NOT recommended for these surfaces
  • Be careful of heavy oil and hot grease as they may spot the tile
  • Pottery should have water saucers and proper drainage

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