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Standard Edge:

Standard Edge SaltilloStandard Edge ManganeseStandard Edge Saltillo Up side downStandard Edge Manganese Up Side Down

Standard edge is the traditional square edge detail of the Saltillo. It is most common in the terracotta (peach to orange) color range. It is also available in the Moreno (taupe to brown) color range. The Moreno color is gaining popularity and can be mixed with the terracotta to create "Iron Wear". Generally 75% is the terracotta color and 25% is the Moreno. The colors are mixed, and it randomly creates a nicely proportioned, colorful surface.


Shape Fluer De LuisRiviera Patter Upside DownShape Star And Cross PatternShape Manganese Fluer De Luis

Shapes consist of rectangles and pattern shapes that can be mixed and matched. The shapes all come with the standard square edge. The shapes are available in terracotta and the Moreno color.

Rounded Edge:

Round Edge SaltilloRound Edge Manganese

To make Saltillo a bit more contemporary, the edges were softened and rounded. This tile can create a wider grout joint as well. It is available in only squares and comes in the terracotta and Moreno color.

Old Colonial:

Old Colonial SaltilloOld Colonial Manganese

Our rustic Saltillo is the Old Colonial. The surface is scraped and textured to give an "Old World" appearance. It is available in squares and shapes in the square edge and has a great feel to it. It is used interior and exterior. It does create a nicely textured, anti-skid surface for areas that may have a slip factor concern. It is available in both terracotta and Moreno.


Custom Madera Wood Plank Around 8x8 SaltilloCustom Estampado Specialty PatternCustom Versaille Specialty PatternCustom Natural Stair TreadCustom Manganese Stair Tread

All the above can be mixed and matched, one color or mixed. The possibilities are endless and make Saltillo floors one of the most exciting floors to design, install and enjoy for years. Some custom patterns are a 3 sized Versailles (two squares and one rectangle), a variety of box patterns using squares and rectangles, Madera (wood look) planking borders with Saltillo tile infield, Estampado (embossed 4 piece pattern), Riviera (two shapes mixed together) and others. Let your imagination run wild.

Standard square edge Saltillo: 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 8x8, l0xl0, 12x12, 16x16 and 20x20.

Shaped Saltillo: 4x8, 6x12, 8x16, 10x20, Fleur de Lis, San Felipe, Stars and Cross, Pickets, Hexagon (8'', 10", 12"), and Octagon (10", 12")

Rounded Edge Saltillo: 6x6, 8x8, l0xl0, 12x12, 16x16, 20x20.

Old Colonial: available in standard square edge and shaped sizes.

Custom/specialty: Versailles, box patterns, Madera (wood look), Estampado, Riviera, Dijon, Ironwear, Stairtread, bullnose.

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