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Saltillo Tile

To warmly welcome you into the world of mexican tile, our company would like to shed light on the details of the work we so passionately accomplish as well as the many services our company offers. Mexican Tile and Stone Company, formerly Mexican Tile Co., is not a mere one-dimensional organization, but fulfills many aspects of mexican tile. We are importers, distributors, designers and developers of Mexican, custom, and unique tiles. The range of our product line is expansive, and includes: unglazed and glazed floor tile, glazed wall and countertop tile, solid color and decorative cement tile, Mexican brick pavers, Mexican hand-painted sinks, and a variety of unique patterns. However, our product line is not limited to, and does not end with tile! We also offer: setting materials, sealing products, and other related installation accessories. is our special website solely for Saltillo Tile.

As time has progressed over the years, Mexican Tile and Stone Company has upheld its undeniable reputation of a place that is both inspiring and distinctive. We have become known as not only a source for Mexican tile as well as our numerous collections of related products, but also as a design source for architects, interior designers, builders and homeowners. To ensure that every customer is assisted with consulting on his or her project, our company offers its very own design studio and staff. This aids in our ability to create an entirely unique and personal piece for each customer. Many individuals of our staff have acquired over 20 years of experience, and their extensive knowledge makes the value of our company’s experience all the more exceptional.

Furthermore, Mexican Tile and Stone Company also provides a restoration service division. For over 20 years, the co-owner of our company, Joe Fortuna, has been successfully saving, improving, repairing, restoring and adding on to existing floors that call out for revival and embellishment. Our floor restoration department takes living spaces that have been forgotten through time, and instills within them new life and beauty. Without fail, we will uptake any project to enhance the aesthetic value of your home.
Furthermore, Mexican Tile and Stone Company offers the preseal program as an additional service. We will work with installation crews or homeowners to match proper specifications to assure client satisfaction.

As the local and national industry continue to increase their demand for tile and stone surfaces, Mexican Tile and Stone Company looks forward to fulfilling any individual's need for floor service and quality tile products. It is our business to suspend beauty throughout the ages, and we gladly do everyday. Let us turn your home into a happily ever after.

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